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    Unanswered: User-defined Java program and DB2 warehouse center

    I am trying to write a transform as a java program executable. Under
    administration>programs and transformers>user-defined programs and transformers, I define a java program group and then from this define a new program. On the program tab of the new program notebook, I select executable as the program type but I can't see where to select the executable I want from the file system. I have been reading up about agent sites also and I can't figure out whether the program needs to registered somehow here.

    Any ideas?


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    You didn't specify the operating system and db2 version. So this info is needed for assistance.

    In general:
    At Properties window (the same window you selected Executable program type)
    1. Program tab
    There is "Program name" field. Type the full path name of the file e.g. c:\programs\java_program.exe

    2. Paramters tab
    This java program probably has some input parameters. So specify parameters names (this names are just for easy read) and parameter type (character, etc).

    3. Agent sites
    The most common mistake is to forget selecting agent. So select the agent from the left window and move it to the right site.

    Hope this helps,

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