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    Exclamation Unanswered: Problems with Access ADP & MSDE

    Hello All,
    I have just migrated our school reporting system from access to an access adp & MSDE SQL server.
    We have been having problems with people writing a comment in a text field (in the access ADP from) clicking to go onto the next boy to write a comment, and then when they go back the data has vanished from the previous boy's comments.
    Everything worked fine in the access MDB, so we have had to move back to that temporarily. I though it may have something to do with the 5 concurrent something limit on MSDE, but not sure. Would appreciate a lot any comments or ideas any has - THANK YOU!

    Some technical data about the DB:
    Tables that are accessed by the form&subform:
    [DATA] (Has RefNo, Name, class etc.)
    [R - MATHS] (Subject tables containing RefNo and comment fields)
    [MR - Previous] (Previous Class Marks)
    [R - Maths_Pr] (Previous Reports)

    Stuart Brown

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    How many silmoultaneous connections do you have when the problem occurs? Try just one connections and see if that solves anything.

    Are you using ADO to connect to the MSDE, what locktype are you using? I reccomend the use of a disconnected recordset to solve both issues.

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    Thanks for the reply SCIROCCO

    I have worked out the the Access ADP is downloading all the records from SQL and then uploading them when the form is closed - this causes the overwritting of other people's comments that have been written while the form is opened by user A.

    The deal is that when a teacher clicks on a Subject on the main menu it opens the subject form - then they click on a button to filter out just their class.

    We are currently still using the original Access MDB which writes the current record when going onto a new record - which the ADP does NOT. Can I replicate the MDB behaviour of writing the records in the ADP?

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