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    Exclamation Unanswered: RMAN Strategy

    Hi All,

    I have always used operating system scripts to perform backups. I am now implementing RMAN. Just want to know what people think is the right way to go with this scenario.

    I have 3 production databases and 12 non production databases (3 build, 3 sit, 3 uat, 3 dev).

    The non production databases won't always be available so i want to avoid putting the recovery catalog on one of these.

    The way i see it at the moment is i have 2 options.

    1. To create a recovery catalog database for all 15 target databases.
    Use operating system scripts to backup the recovery catalog database.
    2. Place a recovery catalog on 2 of the production databases and have
    them backup each other and then divide up the remain databases
    between the 2 of them.

    Has anyone any views on which way i should go??


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    option 1 on a non-production server.
    creating a seperate db for recovery catalogs on a stable machine seems to be the way to go.
    - The_Duck
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