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    Question Unanswered: About Changing the Dbid's

    Hi everyone,
    we work on a test servers where there are a lot of different databases (sybase 11.9.2 or 12.5.03), and these databases come from different other source servers.
    our problem is the following :
    we would like to keep the dbid's from the source servers, to avoid any problems. but as you know, sybase doesn't allow to choose the dbid at the creation of the DB.
    for this, the choice made before i arrived was to create fake databases, and destroy the one which has the good dbid just before the creation of the DB.
    my question is : is it dangerous to change the dbid directly in the system tables just after its creation ?
    which tables (other than sysdatabases) are to changed ?
    (i think there is no problem about this manipulation, but i would like to have other advises)


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    sysdatabases is not just the only place, there are whoel heap of other system tables..sysusages, sysloginroles etc...don't forget the concrete id stuff.

    I'm not quite sure, there must be an easier way. Perhaps setting up a proxy database on the same server, changing the dbid of the proxy should be much more easier.

    Check with Sybase Support and let us know here.

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