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    Have a table that is populated by external radius reporting which contains
    name, ipaddress, sessionid, refid, and others

    There is a certain type of interaction with external hardware that results in multple entries into the table, resulting in multiple duplicate entries.

    What we need to to is build a select that omits any duplicate records from the
    output, but I can't get a distinct to work given the way we need the data

    For example,
    Name IPaddress sessionid refid
    User1 201.201 1234 5678 first user
    User2 201.201 1235 5679 same ip as first user
    User3 201.202 3234 5670 same sessid as first user
    User4 201.203 3236 5678 same refid as first user
    User1 201.202 4234 5678 first user new entry
    User1 201.202 4234 5678 DUPLICATE
    User1 201.202 4234 5678 DUPLICATE
    User2 201.203 1234 5671 same ip as user 4
    User3 201.204 2234 5672 unique

    if we do distinct on sessionid then put a where clause for the user=User1 we end up missing some of user1's entries where another users identical sessionid
    appears first.

    What I am looking to do is
    - grab every record for user
    - remove any records that have identical ipaddress+sessionid+refid
    ie: turn
    user1 201.102 1234 5678
    user1 201.102 1234 5678
    user1 201.102 1234 5678
    user1 201.102 1234 5678
    - then sort the results by date_time or something else

    Just can't get it to do all those things at the same time. Any thoughts, or am
    I not making sense?

    Thanks in advance,


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    DISTINCT Works on the whole want DISTINCT


    Now take a look at the other columns..they all have different data..what do you want to do about that? Take the MIN Value, MAX Value?

    You need to do something with

    SELECT Col1, Col2, Col3, MAX(Col4), MAX(Col5), SUM(Col6)
    FROM myTable99
    GROUP BY Col1, Col2, Col3

    If not, then what would you propose..

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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