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    Unanswered: single user to multi-user

    I'm looking for information on how to take a single user application and make it multi-user. Can anyone point me to a good resource on how to do that?

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    How many users are we talking about? 20? 200?

    If you are just looking at 2 dozen or so user, then you can try splitting your db into a front end and back end. The back end stores the data (i.e. tables) and the front end stores the rest.

    One thing to think about also is record locking and who can modifiy what data.

    But you will have to worry also about security. See Microsoft Security F.A.Q.;en-us;207793

    Who will be using it? Internally within your company? To distribute to other company? Do they have Access?

    See this thread - Creating an Access Application. If you look around on that site, you'll also find more on what is involded in creating Access Appilcations.

    If you are talking about 100 people and a lot of data then a bigger RDBMS like SQL Server or Oracle is probably what you need to look at, and there liscensing issues.

    Check out The_Doc_Man's replies in these threads.

    Hope this helps!

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