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    Oracle Stored Procedure Tutorial or Book?

    Hey everyone. I need to get a better hold on writing Oracle stored procedures. I haven't really been able to find a good tutorial online (something more than just writing a stored select statement and doing simple math - kind of useless in real life)
    Does anyone have a link to a good tut. on stored procs in Oracle or even a book reccomendation?

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    I would think that you'd have better luck posting this question in the Oracle forum than you will here.

    PL/SQL is quite a different beast than most database scripting languages. It is really more like Perl than standard SQL because it implements a lot of features/functions that a database should not do, such as interactive user input. If you've learned to use another tool, you shouldn't have much problem learning PL/SQL, but it will probably set off a lot of "alarm bells" in your head as you learn to use it!


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    book by oreilly on PL/SQL is just great. It talks about ADTs,Nested Tables and util packages in great length ...
    Get either book or ebook

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