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    Unanswered: W2K3/ 64 - SQL2K/64 or Sun Oracle 9i


    Heres my scope and issues:

    This solution is scheduled for implementation (mid 2005)

    Costs are irrelevent at present (This has to work from day one and we have enterprise licence agreements with these vendors)

    DSS system not OLTP

    2 x 1Tb DB's (growth 25% pa)

    1 x 1Tb DB (growth 0% pa)

    3 other db's ranging from 100-300Gb

    DB#1 - Atomic Data (max 4 users- admin)

    DB#2 - Reporting (1000 SSL users, accessed by Business Object V6.x Web Interface)

    DB#3 - Staging (purged weekly)

    Sun / Oracle...lots of reference sites and implementations

    Win64 / reference sites and few implementations

    My environment:

    90%: MS (AD) - All products
    10%: Sun, HPUX, MF, AS400, Oracle

    Implementation & Support Staff:

    Oracle DBAs - 3
    Sun Support - 10
    SQL DBAs - 10
    Windows Support - 100+

    I have talked to all vendors who say they can deliver....

    Could you comment on the solution ..based on your experience,
    I would love to chat with people / companies that have implemented the Win64/SQL 64 solution....

    Burning Question - Can Windows / SQL Do this ????????????

    Finally, I really appreciate your comments and feedback



    Hardware - Sun
    Sun F15000 partition 20Cpu's 80Gb Ram
    EMC DMX (sync mirroring)

    Hardware - Itanium 64
    2 x 8way Itanium Cluster Active/Active 36Gb Ram
    EMC DMX (sync mirroring)
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