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    Question Unanswered: Getting rid off duplicates

    I have a huge problem of having many duplicates in a table Streets, so one street name can come up many times but many out of all the duplicates that only one is a real record with other fields/tables filled in.

    Does anybody have a good sql query or example for getting rid of duplicates but also updating the rest of the tables where those fields have an entry?


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    Select Into newTable distinct * from oldTable
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    Select distinct * Into newTable from oldTable | @rudydotca
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    Careful with that select distinct...

    It sounds like this information is tied to other tables in your db.

    You'd be better advised to run something like this:

    DELETE yourTable
    WHERE NOT IN (SELECT FROM yourTable INNER JOIN yourothertable ON

    Basically that's saying "delete everything in this table that isn't being used in this here other table"

    Edit: To be even more cautions, you could apply the same logic to a "SELECT INTO" statement instead:

    SELECT * INTO yourNewTable
    FROM yourTable INNER JOIN yourothertable ON

    That's applying the opposite logic. Essentially that one says "Squirt everything from yourTable into yourNewTable that has a matching record in yourothertable"
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