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    Unanswered: Using Histogram-Like function in Access?

    I've been asked by my employer to see if I can build a query in Access that will do the same thing as their Histogram does on an Excel Spreadsheet. I'm not familiar with Excel and rather limited with my knowledge of Access.

    I was wondering if there was someone who could help me with writing up a query (?) that would provide the same results as the spreadsheet.

    I've put a limited example of the spreadsheet up at
    so that you could see what I'm trying to recreate.

    The first section is the Table (Colums A-Z), the next bit is a sort of data entry field where you can select the criteria for the histogram (Columns AE-AG), and the remaining columns show the results. I think this last bit is where the histogram is set up.

    If you were to select "124" for the JulianDate, "RRPHB" for the first location field (AF) and "ARPHB" for the second location field (AG) then you can see what happens.

    The basic premise (I think) is that they want to be able to compare the two different locations (the first one being manually tracked data and the second field beginning with "A" is auto-tracked data) for a specific JulianDate and for a 24-hour period. We can't use Excel because we have too many records and have run out of space.

    Please let me know if there is any way that I can do this in Access.


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    Your link doesn't work. It states....

    This page is not available.

    But I see that I can get a free screen saver

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