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    Unanswered: How to move tables from database to another

    hi all.....
    iam trying to move or export database tables between two sql server 2000 databases..but i always lose the relations between the moved(exported) tables...
    please tell me how to export or import tables between two sql 2000 server databases without losing relations...thx for ur time...
    plz replay me quick guys......

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    Create a script for the database using SQL Enterprise Mangler. Play that script into an empty database. You'll be "good to go".


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    Yes, I agree with Pat. Open Enterprise Manager, highlight the tables you want to move, right-click > all tasks > generate sql script. This will give you the script you need to run on the target database. It will create the tables and the constraints. Then you can just DTS the data over to the newly copied structure.


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