I am getting the following error when trying to run a java program from within the data warehouse center:

"DWC08410E The agent was unable to execute a Data Warehouse Center Program."

and sub error:

"DWC07356E An agent's processing of a command of type "runUDP" failed for edition "42" of step "BuildTutorial Market Dimension - Java Executable Program"."


"RC2 = 1"

I read something on the forum about the RC2 = 1:

"If RC2 = 1 for an NT agent, this may indicate that the fully qualified program name on the Program page of the Program notebook is incorrect, or that the program is not installed. "

My program is set up as program type executable and the fully qualifed program name is "D:\ETLPrototype\db2\src\test.bat". I also tested the same file, setting up as program type as command program.

I have defined the program and added it to the agent site following the documentation.

Any ideas?