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    Unanswered: Moving from an AS400 to SQL server

    Hello...Our company has been on an AS400 for eternity. We have chosen a new erp package called Syteline 7 which runs on 5 servers on of them being a SQl server. I currently have 1 IT person on staf now. Can anyone tell me what my workload for my one IT person maintaining these 5 servers be? I would have 35 users and 50 PC's in total.....also does anyone have any negative comment about Syteline 7?Thanks

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    When you first get it, I'm sure they'll be swamped. They're going to have to learn all new technology, get the backups/restores set up, tune the system, set up monitoring, and get comfortable. After that, it's very possible you could run easier then you did on the AS400. You might want to hire a contractor to come in, set things up for you, and do a knowledge transfer.
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