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    Unanswered: Textbook error? Just curious...

    My Oracle text book (Oracle9i Database Administrator, by Carol McCullough-Dieter) states that views starting with DBA require the owner, SYS, as a prefix, and gives this example:

    select table_name, column_name
    from sys.dba_tab_columns
    where rownum < 200

    ...but this code runs just fine on my machine and produces the same results:

    select table_name, column_name
    from dba_tab_columns
    where rownum < 200

    So is my text book incorrect?
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    >So is my text book incorrect?
    It depends upon which user is logged in & doing the SELECT
    Read Chap. 22 & 23
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    That used to be more common in older versions of Oracle. The db create scripts would sometimes fail, or just weren't called. The dba views have public synonyms created for them, but select on the views is only granted to the DBA role, you don't need the "SYS." prefix. And if you did, you could just find the script to create the public synonyms.

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