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    Unanswered: syntax error for 'INNER JOIN'

    hi all,

    I have a weird problem, which i'm unable to understand.

    I created a SQL query using 'INNER JOIN' and my query is

    datackt1.`D_CKT`, datackt1.`D_SIGNAL`, datackt1.`D_BLDG1`,
    dwo1.`DWO_TYPE`, dwo1.`DWO_CURREN`

    { oj `datackt` datackt1 INNER JOIN `dwo` dwo1 ON
    datackt1.`D_STANUM` = dwo1.`DWO_CKT`}

    dwo1.`DWO_CURREN` = 'Y' AND
    (datackt1.`D_SIGNAL` = '10BaseT' OR
    datackt1.`D_SIGNAL` = '100BaseTX') AND
    (dwo1.`DWO_TYPE` <> '*CANCEL*' AND
    dwo1.`DWO_TYPE` <> 'Cancelled DWO' AND
    dwo1.`DWO_TYPE` <> 'Deactivate' AND
    dwo1.`DWO_TYPE` <> 'Information Only')

    where datackt and dwo are my database tables.

    when i try to run this query i get a message :

    ODBC error: [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver][mysqld-4.0.16-nt] you have an error in your SQL syntax .check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'INNER JOIN 'dwo' dwo1 ON datackt1, 'D_STRANUM'=dwo1.'DWO_CKT'}

    i verified that the fields D_STRANUM and DWO_CKT are of the same type.

    i'm using crystal reports to generate queries.

    I'm new to SQL. can anyone help me.

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    Syntax Error for JOIN

    After removing {oj ... } the JOIN statement above will work.

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    Thumbs up RE: antzs

    Salute for antzs. Your advice really solved my issue.

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