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Thread: Purging Macros

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    Unanswered: Purging Macros

    I have a problem with purging Macros.


    I "saveas" a file that contains macros to a new file, go into the macros dialog box, and delete all of the macros. This should have removed all of the macros, right? However, every time that I open the file, I still get the "Warning, this file contains macros" dialog box. I have double checked, and the file does not contain macros, at least any that are visible from the tools/macros dialog box.

    Is there a way to purge all references to past macros so that this dialog does not come up when I open the file?



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    Two possibilities:

    1. Did you also go into VBE window (ALT+F11) and check whether the Module is still there? If it is, even though it is empty, the warning will still appear. In Project Explorer on the left sid eof the screen, right-click on the module and choose Remove (don't export).

    2. Do you have any VBA code in an individual worksheet? Right-click the tab and choose View Code. See if there is any code there. Check all the tabs (worksheets) in the workbook.
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    Thanks, Shades.

    I never seemed to have gotten the email that a reply had been posted. Thanks for the solution. I deleted all of the modules, and the dialog went away.


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