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    Question Unanswered: Cannot get SP3a to install

    We have the rtm version of SQL 2000 and have spent the last 2.5 hours trying to apply SP3a. Nothing on the microsoft support site has pointed us to the solution.

    Basically, we start the install after shutting down the services, answer all the questions and then when it starts to copy files it fails with an error
    'microsoft data access component failed (-1).

    Looking in c:\winnt\datestup.log, the error is unknown. The c:\winnt\sqlsrp.log file is not touched.

    We tried renaming the odbcconf.dll file per a microsoft article and no joy.

    We also restored mdac_type.exe file per microsoft article and no joy.

    Trying to install SP1 and SP2 - same results.

    Anyone got any ideas besides it's time to call Microsoft?

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    When you unpacked the files for the SP did you unpack them in the default directory?
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    I had the same like problem a couple of weeks ago. I did a fresh install on another machine (with the same installation CD) and applied the same service packs as on the original one, which I stored on my HDD. Then I compared (with Ghisler's Total Commander) the entire SQL directory and found some files to be different (corrupted??). You have to stop both SQL services first. I renamed the different files (I can't remember, but I thought is were only 2 files) on the original machine and replaced them with files from the new install. Then I started up the services.
    After this, I could apply SP3a without any problem.

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