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    Unanswered: ASP.NET with mySQL configuration???

    I'm new to the mySQL world and I'm being forced 'KINDA' to move toward it.

    I'm a intermediate ASP and ASP.NET web developer that normally works on small database driven web sites. I have never needed any thing more powerful than msAccess. I have partnered with an ISP years ago, and have a very good relationship with them...the reason I mention this is that they do NOT offer msSQL, but do offer mySQL... really can't blame them due to the HIGH financial cost and HIGH security cost and configuration cost associated with msSQL.

    Any how...I'm exploring the possibility of:
    Developing an ASP.NET application that lives on a Windows Box.
    Creating a mySQL database that lives on a Linux Box
    Access (View/Add/Edit/Delete Records) the mySQL database from the Windows ASP.NET application

    Is this possible?

    I have read about myODBC...Is this loaded on my development machine &/or on the server serving the ASP.NET pages or on the Linux box where the mySQL database lives???

    Anyone doing what I'm exploring?

    Respectfully, Tom Lombard

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    yeah, is possible

    the main thing that you need is the MySQL data provider for .NET and you can get it from


    you need a correct mysql string connection from the mysql server on the linux machine, for example:

    Database=mydatabase;Data Source=;User Id=myUser;Password=myPassword

    that´s all!

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    Thanks for the reply:

    Where does the MySQL data provider for .NET get installed???
    Local Machine (this is my development machine) or
    Windows Webserver (where the web applicatio will be serverd to the WWW) or
    the mySQL web server?

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