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    Unanswered: installing Oracle forms

    I want to learn Forms programming I've been to the Oracle
    download site
    I've downloaded installed 9i Personal edition for Windows XP.
    That seems to be running OK. Now for Forms.

    From the Development Tools section I've downloaded
    Oracle 9i Forms developer. when I try to install I get the

    "The location specified C\oracle\ora81 is already used as
    an Oracle home for Oracle 82 Beta.

    It cannot be used as an Oracle home for 'nt'

    I've also tried installing Oracle Developer Suite 10g. This
    gives me the message :

    Oracle Developer suite 10g cannot be installed into an existing
    Oracle 9i or higher Oracle Home

    What am I doing wrong? Using the wrong tool? Or the
    wrong Oracle? Advise sought, please.

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    You already have installed Oracle 8.2 Beta which uses c:\oracle\ora81 as its home (the same goes to Ora10g).

    At the beginning of the installation process, at the first screen (File Locations) you have a "Source" and "Destination" - change "Destination" to unused name and path. For example,
    Name: Ora10g
    Path: C:\Ora10gHome

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