I have been reading a lot of posts about people having problems with data replication. It seems that the promise of a "hot site" for failover is not always what it's cracked up to be. If you need a DR or secondary site that is going to be truly open and available, that will support rolling upgrades, that will allow you to off-load resource-intensive reporting or data warehouse feeds from your primary site (and utilize otherwise unused hardware and software), then you need to look into IxPropagator from Ixion.

Wit IxPropagator, you can have your replication solution up and running in hours (not weeks or even days), saving you a bundle in consulting time. It is also a very low-maintenance solution that has been proven over the years to be extremely reliable. IxPropagator's data transfer rates are unequaled, so if transaction volumes or data loss is a concern you can rest assured that we already have some of the largest Oracle environments in the country relying on us to provide either a reliable HA / DR solution or a real-time distributed data environment (or both!).

Please visit the Ixion website for more information about IxPropagator, and start saving yourself time and money!