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    Angry Unanswered: UNICODE support in ASA 8.x on UNIX??

    I want to store and retrieve UNICODE data in Sybase ASA database using ODBC. I tried many things. Can anyone helpo me and guide me? Where can I find documentation for this?

    I tried the following.
    Compiled my ODBC code with UNICODE macro defined. So, my code used SQL*W (wchar_t input) functions instead of SQL* functions. I am not able to get it compiled on Solaris . Is it supported on Solaris ASA 8.x?? If yes, which library should I link with???

    Is there any other way of getting UNICODE support. I have very less knowledge in this. Please help.

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    On windows, ODBC client library is unicode aware out of the box.

    On UNIX, I know ianywhere supplies UNICODE ODBC api's, not sure which ones though??? Check their website( or get in touch with Sybase support.

    sorry.. not of much help. If you find out, please do let us know here.

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