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    Arrow Unanswered: Connect & Query 2 DSN's?

    I have been searching for hours on this stump I ran into. I have a RMA database in SQL Server 2000. I also have UPS Worldship automatically exporting into a csv file on the server with shipment information. I have setup a DSN for the csv also. On my view_rma.asp I view details about certain RMA's. The page uses an include to connect to the system DSN.

    How do you code the view_rma.asp SQL or DSN's to query 2 DSN's at the same time? The first DSN to get RMA details and the second to get the UPS info?

    UPS doesnt support automatic export into .mdb Otherwise I would be fine.

    I also tried linking to the csv from within the Access Project but no luck. Linking only works in an mdb.

    Can anyone help me please?

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    Smells like a candidate for BULK INSERT to me. Suck the CSV file into a table, and forget about the DSN issues!


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