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    Question Unanswered: Questions related to Invalid Packages !!

    Dear All,

    I have created few Stored Proc's which have internally created db2 packages ,
    this packages needed to be granted execute permission/s if the sp's are called by any other users (also the SP's to be granted permissions).

    I have noted that some times this packages become invalid and I need to apply 'rebind' when its cannot accessable by the user.

    My question is , in what are the possible circumstances this packages become invalid? (do dropping a constraints for a table (used by sp and packages )
    can be one of the reason ? )

    Require all of ur view/s in this regard.



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    If any dependencies of the package are dropped or changed, the package will be marked as invalid. An invalid package will automatically have a rebind performed by DB2 the next time the package is executed. If the rebind fails again (during the automatic rebind), the package will be marked as inoperative, and an explicit rebind will be necessary.
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