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    Unanswered: SQL Expressions can not be used in this report

    CRAXDRT Error Occured on Server. - 2147189177 : SQL Expressions can not be used in this report.

    I wrote crystal report in version 9. In that i created one sql expression field and assigned default value as "1" and put it on web site and used ASP and activeX viewer to view the report. but I got error like this "CRAXDRT Error Occured on Server. - 2147189177 : SQL Expressions can not be used in this report".

    The sql expression objects cause Crystal to blowup at runtime but work fine within the crystal reports designer.

    Can any one of you help me to resolve the same?

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    Did you use a Command, or SQL script, to pull the data into the report initially? If so, then there is your problem. There is no need for an SQL expression in a report that uses an SQL script as a data source. If not, then No idear!

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    I do not know what you meant by command or sql script. Let me clearly explain you what we have done in the crystal report and the problem that we are facing at runtime.

    There is details section that has a sql expression field that has the simple
    constant "1" as its value. In the footer a field that sums the count of the
    1's in the details sections. We got the above said error while running the report from js / asp file. The following snippet is used for viewing the report at runtime:
    CRep = Session("oApp").OpenReport (rptPath, 1);
    CRep.Database.Tables.Item(1).SetDataSource(RecordS et,3);

    is there any parameter that needs to be set in order to run the report?

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