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    Unanswered: Record locking in Paradox 7 on server 2003

    We have recently changed our platform to Windows server 2003, and XP. In order to get Paradox to install they set the desktops to read the server as NT. Prior to this when in Paradox and a record was locked in edit mode by one user, any additional user who tried to edit the record would get a message.. "Record locked ..", this no longer happens. Two users can put the same record into edit mode at the same time. The other user can see the changes being made by the other user, even when they are in edit mode.

    I checked for the PDOXUSRS.NET file, and found 5. Two in the network software directory, and 3 in the network share directory where Paradox resides. The network control directory listed in the BDE (which is not the software directory) has both the NET file and the IDAPI.CFG file. I removed the other two from share directory where Pdox lives.

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    Did you get Paradox 7 to work on server 2003?
    If so, how did you do so?

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