I am creating an application in VC++6.0 wherein, I need to run a VB program (exe) from VC++6.0. Once, I run that VB program (which has been done), I need to retrieve all the API calls that the VB program is calling and making use of. I had planned to do that via the System Message Queue. Based on the message type we could have had understood what type of API it is calling. But however I have no idea how this could be done and whether I would be successful in doing so. If there is anyother method through which I can access what the VB prg is doing (API calls it is using), please let me know or else pls help me out as to how I can use the system message queue to retrieve the message.

I tried using GetMessage() but however it generates a WM_USER+x for the VB prg and does not tell me what are the messages generated for the VB prg.

Thanks in advance