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    Unanswered: How do I insert CR/LF - CHAR(13) does not work

    I need to send some long emails, problem is when I send a long body text CDO breaks up the message with spaces in the middle of words. I read on this forum the solution would be to insert CR/LF into the message so that CDO would not have to break it up at every 1k of text. I have tried using CHAR(13) as BOL suggests, but this is not doing as intended, it inserts a space and not the CR/LF I need.

    Any suggestions how to insert CR/LF or why my installation is not responding to CHAR(13) is there some other escape code I could use?

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    Char(10) ?

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    An ASCII cr/lf is hexidecimal 0D0A. You could declare a char(2) variable and set it to 0x0D0A, then concatinate it to the string at your desired break points.

    declare @crlf char(2)
    select @crlf = 0x0D0A




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    Hmmm, seems to work, my bad - I guess the results in QA are not accurate, but in the email the CR/LF exists.

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