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    Unanswered: 8.1.7 installation problem


    I have to install another Oracle to my HP-UX, currently it's running Oracle Application Server and this Oracle installation is product specific so it must be 8.1.7 release.

    I created the new user called as "ora8", setup the ORACLE environment variables like ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_BASE, PATH

    But when I try to run runInstaller as "ora8" I am getting error.

    ********** ERROR **************
    devel^ora8:/oracle/orainst/Disk1 > export DISPLAY=my_ip:0.0
    devel^ora8:/oracle/orainst/Disk1 > export TEMP=/oracle/orahome
    devel^ora8:/oracle/orainst/Disk1 > export TMPDIR=/oracle/orahome
    devel^ora8:/oracle/orainst/Disk1 > ./runInstaller
    devel^ora8:/oracle/orainst/Disk1 > You do not have permission to write to the in
    ventory /home/oracle/oraInventory. Installation cannot continue.: Permission den

    devel^ora8:/oracle/orainst/Disk1 > id
    uid=106(ora8) gid=104(dba)
    devel^ora8:/oracle/orainst/Disk1 >


    As you see it wants to write permission to /home/oracle but /home/oracle is oracle user's home, not ora8 user. I am used the ora8 user to install.

    So how can I install oracle 8.1.7 with ora8 user?
    Murat SULUHAN
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    chown -R ora8.dba /home/oracle
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