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    Question Unanswered: Changing Chart Source Data

    Actually I'm exporting data from access database to excel workbook automatically. I have done many calculations to the data. But now the problem is there is a chart in the workbook and I need to add my new data which is one row to the chart's source data.
    Can anyone help me out with any functions relating to charts that can be coded in access.

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    anyone help me out.its urgent

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    Hi madhavi

    are you doing this automatically then you can use

    ActiveChart.SetSourceData (Rangeobject of source data)
    this will rebuild your chart for you

    if your coming from access you will need to qualify it fully such as

    worksheets("Chartsheet").charts(1).setsourcedata newrange

    with newrange as a previously devised range that you have got
    try running your code for the chart in excel before transfering to Access

    I havn't tested this so if it doesn't work properly let me know of the problems


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    This code worked out for me.'m doing it from access and the chart is not activating. so i had to use chartobjects to activate it. I used the following code.

    appxl.Worksheets(1).ChartObjects("chart 1").Activate

    appxl.ActiveChart.SetSourceData (appxl.ActiveSheet.Range(appxl.ActiveSheet.Cells(b eginrow,begincol), appxl.ActiveSheet.Cells(endROW,endcol)))

    Thanks for your reply.

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