I've been using MySQL for a year or so in a server environment and have been asked to create a laptop portable (non-connected) version of some of the db and the functions normally handled in ASP.

I've seen things that indicate libmysql might accomplish this - or I may be misunderstanding what I'm reading.

Anyway, I've been able to find very little info that might answer just a couple simple, basic questions and am hoping some one here can help out.

1) Using libmysql (and/or MyVbQL.dll) is it possible to connect to a local MySQL db through VB / *VBScript without installing the MySQL server?

2) I've been reading about embedding MySQL server - and most references are to C programming (or vb with MyVbQL) - my question is has anyone seen this done with VBScript / WSH / HTA applications?

Thanks in advance for any help / links / comments / or beer anyone can send my way.