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    Question Unanswered: Capturing image from Picture box

    I am developing an VB6 application where I am displaying an image stored in MS Access2000 as an Ole object data type. But that image was stored in MS Access2000 thru the front end called "Satellite forms", a vb-like software used to code for PDA(Personal Digital Assistant). Like vb,there is a picture control in satellite forms called inkview which is used to display images or to allow user to draw. But to retrieve that image in VB,the activeX control InkData is required. The problem now is that I am able display the image in inkdata but I want to convert that image into gif,jpg or bmp format. It is not possible to directly convert image from inkdata control. So I have drawn the inkdata control inside the picture box where inkdata is displaying the image. Now is it possible to capture the picture box image(which is nothing but the inkdata)? and convert it into gif using savepiture mehtod?
    I tried but nothing was displayed.

    Thanks in advance
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