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    Unanswered: Update a table with an other

    I need to update a column with a column from another table .. i tried this

    UPDATE Entreprise_2002 as E, Entreprise_LangueNomPrincAdministrateur_done as E2 SET E.languePrincipal = E2.langue WHere E.entrepriseID = E2.EntrepriseID

    AND this to !!

    UPDATE entreprise_2004 as E set LanguePricipal = ( select langue from Entreprise_LangueNomPrincAdministrateur_done as E2 where E.entrepriseID = E2.entrepriseID )

    don't work !!!! please help !

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    UPDATE Entreprise_2002 E
    Entreprise_LangueNomPrincAdministrateur_done E2
    ON E.entrepriseID = E2.EntrepriseID
    SET E.languePrincipal = E2.langue
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