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    Unanswered: access wont resync ,share

    how do i get a copy of a dbase to share or syncronize with each other the files of the database are in mde and they were syncronized and would
    update for example if one person added data to the dbase the other computer would update to the next one ,what do i need to do to get them insync i have tryed to copy one and then reboot reopen it and add info to it and then close it and open the dbase on the other computer and see if it updated and it wont do it ,???? please help me ,in dire need of assistance
    the dbase has locking ability

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    I'm not quite sure how you have this setup, but are you on a network?

    If so, you should have 1 db on the network, called the "Back End" and in each person's workstation resides the "Front End" with the tables "Linked" to the Beack End. Access will handle the record locking and synch'ing for you.

    You can also put the db file on the network and have everybody use the same file (although this is less favorable).

    good luck

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