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    Unanswered: Access 2000 Work Day Calculation

    I am not an experienced programmer. I do have a question regarding workday calculations.

    I have 3 fields. CURDATE, NUMDAYS, CALCDATE

    After entering the first two fields, normally the current date and for example 10 (10 day period) I need the CALCDATE to pass me the calculated date taking into account workdays and holidays. In other words, the 10th business day. How is this done? Thanks for any help...
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    This is a great sample of common date functions. The code is well documented and not too hairy. You could probably modify it to acclomplish what you need to do. (None of it is my code by the way)


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    Smile Still trying:

    The examples are amazing but I still dont see how I can enter the number of days and have the future business date calculated. Remember, I dont know the rxpected future date. It is based on the number of days I input.

    Sorry but I am not a programmer and I have self taught everything I know about Access 2000.

    Thanks for yourhelp.

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