I am new here and this is my first post. A brief about me, which I am afraid is the right place to post.

I have developed a new discussion portal at only developers which is is a open community for discussing open source programs and trade ideas as well as help out others to grow your development knowledgebase. Please click here to visit. http://www.onlydevelopers.com

The site is in ASP and focused on ASP, .Net related discussion. I need a frank review from the fellow members, so that I can analize the site faults and present a good site to the internet community.

Sections of site i.e. discussion forums, Upload download sections, Member's Area, Guest book, polls are fully functional and adding more features like, articles, Faq's, link directory which are in process. I am also developing a brand new theam which will take another one week time along the 3 theams which site is using.

I will appreciate your reviews, critiques and valuable suggestion towards this. You can register now and all the forums are active. We also require volantiers who can be a forum moderators, Contributers, or any other.

Please note that this is a complete non profit work provide a Open a free board to the developer community.

Thanks and best regards