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    Red face Unanswered: MS Access primary key search

    Hi fellas, I am really new to doing database stuff. (lol and I graduated with a CS degree ) Anyways, I am doing a product database on MS Access for a friend's mom, and she wants to be able to input a a product number (which I setup as primary key) and a report of that product popping up with all the entries in a report(or something alike). Can anyone pls teach me how to do that?
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    Create a query which will include all the information that she wants on her report. In the criteria line of the Product No field, type in [Enter Product No].
    This is called a parameter query. Use this query to create a report. Each time you try to open the report, it will prompt you to enter the product no and when you do, it will list on the report all the information for that product no that you specified in the query.
    I hope this helps.

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    Slow down there sparky...

    ... in a report(or something alike)...
    Do they teach you in school about getting the application requirements BEFORE writing the code? Hehehe...

    Figure out how she REALLY wants this to look, and what it needs to do. You may be looking at a form OR a report depending on the functionality required. Dbgirl's solution will be good if you just wnt a stand-alone report. However, if your friend's mom wants to say.. browse a list of products on a form while looking at the detail for each sale of the product, then beable to print a report with said detail and matching inventory... well... then you wrote a bunch of code that you have to throw away.

    Figure out what you REALLY need to do, there's a whole bunch of different ways to do just about anything. WHICH way is generally decided by exactly what you're doing.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Ahhh thank you both for the reply I've been searching the web desperately on how to do this. She did not really specify how it should look, but I just want to make it look nice for her in the Report view. I realized Access is very nice to use after exploring it the whole day today, better than Orcale which I used in a database class when I was still in school haha. Anyways, thank you very much!!

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