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    Unanswered: URGENT DataBase Recovery Problem

    Hi All

    There is a great problem in my office with the oracle online databases.
    The situation is...

    We are having online databases...
    The OS of the server got correpted. All the DBF files, Control Files, And redo logs are in the D:\ drive. where oracle software was installed in c:\ with OS.
    Our Database was in noarchiveLog mode. We formatted the C:\ drive and again loaded the OS. The OS was win2000 Server. And it is same now...

    We are having the hot back up of the database. And also an complete database export dump file. but these are 2-3 days old.

    Is it possible to get the database in the old possition? Can we use the files there in the d: drive.

    what is possible for us... Is hotBackUp is useless or the exported dump file is useless.

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    If the OS got currupted, and that too all the database files are present in D:\ as u said there will not be any problem.
    you just install oracle as it was before and create the sid as the old database you can open the database


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    How will it be done


    But somebody told me that as the old oracle sw is not there, all the data dictionary data is washed out. So will it happen that by just keeping the same sid it will pick up the old database.

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    The main point is you have to have a set of DBFs in consistent state. (in case of Cold backup). Then, ...
    install OS(Same version), install Oracle (The same version),
    create SID , start instance (in NOMOUNT state),
    CREATE controlfile, OPEN DATABASE using RESETLOGS option (which creates logfiles/groups).

    you will have the lod database ready to work.

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    How did you do a hot backup if your database was in noarchive log mode?

    If you truely did this (I'm assuming OS level copy, not RMAN), then it's worthless.

    Use your export file.

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