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    Question Unanswered: SQL: "... where related records from column x are >= n"?

    Need a fairly standard SQL trick:
    I have a union query that gives a list where a group of 2-5 records are related to the same main key (field/column1), the second key and a general date field is what sorts the records within the main key number. Example

    1, 20.01.2004 11:53, 5032, etc.
    1, 20.01.2004 13:05, 5033, etc
    1, 02.02.2004 09:38, 7389, etc
    2, 16.01.2004 14.11, 5158, etc.
    2, 23.01.2004 16:00, 5267, etc.

    colunm 1 and 3 are the main keys.

    I want to make a query that takes this as a source, and where I can specify that I want only those main keys that have more than x sub records. In the example above , if I want those with 3 or more sub records, it should only return (the same type of listing) the 3 records for main key number 1, but not number 2, as it only contain 2 related subrecords.

    I am not sure how to specify that in a query.
    "... where related records from colunm 3 are >= 3"... (within the same main id/key in column 1)

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    select *
    from tableA ta
    (select key, count(*) As COUNT
    from tableA
    group by key
    having count(*) > X) V ON
    ta.key = V.key
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