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    Unanswered: Different report layout for each record

    I have a database that contains the following:

    containing general student data, name, etc.

    layout as follows:
    studentID, Subject
    1, English
    1, Maths
    1, Science
    1, Art
    1, Business
    2, English
    2, Maths
    2, Science
    2, History
    each student will have different subjects listed, between 3 and 10.

    1 Introduction page
    1 student data page
    1 subreport for each subject
    1 parent reply form
    1 blank
    all are A5 size

    As you may of guessed by now, I want to create a report that will automatically detect which subjects each student takes and only display the relevant subreports, 2 per page with a 2cm gap in between. The idea is to have a folded booklet with the introduction page as page 1, page 2 will be blank followed by the student data page as page 3. Page 4+ will be the subject subreports, with the parent reply form at the back. The final layout must have as few blank sheets at the end as possible, however the back side of the parent reply form must be blank.

    The reports will be printed off in one go, so the final report for each student will have to have a multiple of 2 sides of A4 or a way to force a new record to start on a new page, so we don't have the start of 1 report on the back side of a page of the previous report.

    Any ideas on how to arrange this.


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    You're already on the track.

    The exact setup depends on how your database is arranged.

    Seeing as you have reports that may or may not be printed, you may want to consider placing each report in it's own grouping level. If the report does not apply, then you could use the OnPrint event for that grouping level to set it's height to 0.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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