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    Unanswered: Single user application

    Hello all,

    I am developing a client server application, Oracle as Backend & Developer 2000 (Oracle forms) as Front end. I want to restrict this application to a single user. This application has 2 usernames (say, x & y).

    I have 2 methods to achieve my requirement.

    1) By Maintaining temporary table with Username as a column.
    2) verify system session information (for whole database) using V$Session.

    First method is not recommended (I can keep it as lasts solution !!). Second method is not safer as these logins will have full information about complete database.

    Is there any optimized method for my requirement ??? Please reply as early as possible .

    Thanks in advance ..

    - Santhosh

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    Why do you need to do this? Knowing that may influence the answer.

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    I think, the best practice is to create a table with menu items and relate them to roles, then assign roles to the users.

    There are a lot of ways of doing it, plus if we are talking of Oracle, but you will have more control if you manage the permissions using a table.


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    Hello Mr. Andrews,
    Just to verify, how the behaviour will be? How we can trap the instances running in multiple systems ( either with same Username or different )... like that.

    Thank you for ur reply,


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