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    Unanswered: moving a database from old to new server?

    Hi all. I know that since you know nothing about my database it will
    be a stretch to answer this - but does anyone have a boiler plate
    checklist for moving a database, dts packages, agent jobs, etc...from
    one server to another? Maybe something that just says I should at
    least do x,y,z.

    Also if anyone out there has any hard won experience/advice about
    gotchas when doing this I would love to hear it. We have outgrown a
    server and are installing a new one this week that we need to move
    over to.


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    If you are migrating complete Server and If you can keep drive letters same with same directory structure. Detach all user databases . Move Ldf and Mdf files to new server in same location, Backup master/msdb on old server

    and restore them to new. Make sure you have Windows accounts moved to new Server too. I don't think you will have any issues at all

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