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    Unanswered: Change of Ownership???

    I am having a problem with object ownership.
    The person who setup the SQL Server setup the "dbo" account with his personal permissions. I need to change "dbo" so that the login name is the system account and not a personal account. Is this possible?

    If this is not possible can I change the ownership of a system object?
    I was able to change ownershipof user objects using the "sp_changeobjectowner" stored procedure, but it did not seem to work for system objects.

    Any way around this?

    - Eric

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    did you try sp_changedbowner? This would change the database ownership which I believe should change the system object ownership?>?

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    The dbo user is so tightly "hardwired" into the database that I'd give the user a new login, change the ownership of their tables to that new user, and stop right there. I wouldn't even consider allowing the user to keep using dbo.


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