Hi all,

I was reading the instruction in OLAP center document but soon hit the wall. In the section:

Run the db2mdapi.sql script to set up the database for DB2 Cube Views. Change to the SQLLIB\misc directory and enter the following command:
db2 -tvf db2mdapi.sql

I got the error saying : DB21005E An error occur while accessing the file db2mdapi.sql

I then couldn't find this file in my computer.

I am a student who is doing research on Db2. However due to the time frame I am now desparately seeking for a quickest way to build an OLAP cube using DB2 V8.1. No one in my university know anything about Db2, that's my bad luck.

Can someone here be my life saver by showing me how have that script and how to build an OLAP cube as soon as possible.

Thanks heap...

I am looking forward to any reponse, encouragement from you all.
My email is thl01@uow.edu.au