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    Question Unanswered: Visual Foxpro or MS Access

    for my work i need pro-arguments to use Visual Foxpro and not MS Access? What's the best program to work with big data tables (800.000 rec.)? I just use Visual Foxpro to query and replace records in a big table (it's an alternative for Microsoft Excel because Excel has a limit of 65.536 rec.).

    Thanks a lot.


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    The first and probably best argument I can come up with is that's what VFP (or even Foxbase/Foxpro) were made for. Relation Database Management Systems. They handle data with ease.
    When you start dealing with large tables, say 100,000 records or so, you will start spending a lot of time searching, ordering, querying, waiting, etc., for Access. VFP outperforms Access exponentially.

    My two cents worth.

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    Don't you want to look into a centralized RDBMS solution?

    May be you should look into a centralized database solution such as SQL Server. If you won't have more than 5 concurrent users, you can go with MSDE 2000 which is free. It's basically a toned down version of SQL Server 2000.

    That's what I use in situations where I don't need a lot of users connecting to a database. Plus, if you ever wanted to scale up to SQL Server some day, going from MSDE to SQL Server is a breeze.

    Good luck,


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    VFP is a VERY robust programming language / DBMS. It works well with large datasets but it does have its limitations... mainly a 2Gb table limit. If you forsee a need of a table getting larger than 2Gb then I would strongly reccomend SQL Server. I would then reccomend using VFP to access the data because of VFPs EXTENSIVE data capabilities. VFP is an ALL-IN-ONE package (stated loosly) as it depends on external programs for only a few things.


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