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    Unanswered: Error,Please help

    Hi All,
    Any one knows what is this error that i get when i try to open the form:
    PDE-PEP006 encoded program unit has unknown format

    then when i try to run it it gives me this message:
    FRM-30085 :unable to adjust form for output

    how can fix this error and what is the cause of it.


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    i think you are on the wrong forum.
    this is an Oracle Database forum
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    No, this may be the right forum: FRM-30085 is an Oracle Forms error message. However, I have no idea what PDE-PEP006 is!

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    Thank you all for trying to help

    but i got another reply which is:
    Usually this happens when you built in different operating system and copy fmb and try to convert or compile on other operating system, like orgin from NT4.0 to XP/2000.

    Get the FMT from other machine or from source and convert it back in the current machine where you getting this error message. Also refer to metalink for XP/2k patch (if you running XP/2000) or Linux

    hope it will be helpfull

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    hello all,

    I'm facing the same problem when trying to open one .fmb file....

    please help me.. i'm in trouble... how can i get back the fmb

    thanks in advance

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    Error Message: PDE-PEP006: Encoded Program unit has an unknown format.

    Error Cause:

    Procedure Builder attempted to decode a program unit that was encoded by an unsupported version of the library management code.

    This is an internal error.

    I suspect that your FMB was corrupted. Try to find a copy from backup.
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