Hm. Simply could not find an appropriate term to search for in order to find a similar question here...

I have two forms open, the user clicks on a record in the active form.
What I want is to take the ID number of that record, close the active form, and go to the corresponding record in the other form's SUB-form...

I know I can do a filter, but does not want to do that. the main form is client, the subform is client transactions. I want to navigate ("scroll") to the record with that ID number, but still want the user to be able to scroll up/down in those records that was already present for that client, so a filter is not what I want.

I think I am looking for a way to simply start from the top record in the sub form and search forward in the underlying records.

What is the best way to achieve this?

Note that the client present in the subform or main form is most likely not the client whose transaction is being looked for, so I think that I first have to set the ID of the client in the main form. that is not a problem, however, just seemed relevant for this question.