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    Question Unanswered: PROCESSES parameter

    How can we decide the 'PROCESSES parameter' for an oracle database given the foll.

    Is the default 150 enough? If it has to be changed is it easy ?

    Database type: OLTP
    Size: Medium
    Data: <50GB
    Tables: ~200
    OS: Sun Solaris/UNIX

    Thanks in advance

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    Oracle has background processes and server processes.
    In a dedicated mode, each user process uses server process to talk to oracle,
    means one to one correspondence.This server process remains active during the life of the session.v$license view gives you the HWM of the sessions connected concurrently,I generally use BGP+HWM+50.
    In parallel processing check the init paramter and dynamic performance views and add these one to the above formula.
    In MTS check its a bit complicated, but use the dynamic performance views and the init setting to find out your requirment.



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