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    Exclamation Unanswered: access.lockfile.9

    Help! I am not a programmer and have run into some trouble.

    I have an Access 2000 program that was designed for our office, unfortunately she has moved and now I am at a place that requires help.

    I had a zip disk in an internal zip drive (E that was running an access program. While the program was running I had to plug in an external usb zip drive (H in order to get power to the drive to remove a zip disk that has the same program just different data entered on it. Both disk have the tables file named the same. After pressing the eject button to get the disk out, i then closed out of the database that I had opened on my E: drive. I put the disk I had removed from the H: into drive drive E:. When I opened the disk, it had somehow erased all the original contents and acquired all the contents from the disk that was origianl in the E: Drive. now both disk have the same information on it. i cant find the original files that where on the disk. It is giving me a access.lockfile.9 error, stating there might be corrupted files.

    Is there anyway to fix this. Did I even make sense.

    Please help!


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    * Did you try to press the shift key while opening your application. If you can
    enter your application try to repair the dataBase using the Tool Menu.

    * Did you try to open it on another machine?

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