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    Unanswered: Create text box array

    I have to create text box array, and i don't qite remember how to go about it
    right now i am just trying to create textbox via code, and can't find anthing on it...

    Private Sub Command6_Click()
    Dim x As Control
    Dim y As TextBox

    Set y = New TextBox
    y.Width = 1
    y.Height = 0.5
    y.Left = 1
    y.Top = 0.6

    y.Visible = True
    End Sub

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    In Acce$$ VBA there is no Array of TextBox, only under VB5 or VB6

    If you want to create a Control on a form during the run time just use CreateControl. Have a look to this statement in Acce$$ help, there is a nice example.

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