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    Unanswered: too many tables for relationships

    hi guys,

    i have a database that has one form.

    this form is a main form with a lot of subforms.

    the main form is tied to one table.
    each of the subforms has it's own table

    i tried setting up relationships between the main table and all the sub tables, but after awhile of making the joins, access 2003 said 'too many relationships'.

    any way around this ?
    i have about 65 sub tables.


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    well best way would be to see if can make it nto less tables. there gotta be way combine most of those tables

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    Me thinx you maybe asking the wrong question, and therefore receiving the wrong answer...

    My question to you is what is your current table structure? What is the logic behind it? From there we can move onto whether it can be cleaned up.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Too many tables

    I've got to agree with Teddy. A database that really needs 65 tables is a bit unusual (I'm not including lookup tables in that assessment), and if the database absolutely has to havve that number of tables I wonder if Access is the right RDBMS for it.

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